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A couple of weeks ago the initial release of my interactive novel, “Quantum Conscience,” released on the QC website. Today it also releases on Desura!

In this  sci-fi visual novel, test your resolve by controlling the power to read people’s minds. Within a galaxy of terraformed planets, a secret war rages between two intergalactic agencies. One of them—ARCHON—is developing the technology to invade people’s minds. Its agents have already tyrannized a planet called Teballai, and hope to use their mind-reading technology to spread their power across the galaxy. A second organization—FOE (Freedom Organization of Elites)—wants to destroy ARCHON’s technology in the name of freedom. When a young FOE soldier (you choose the gender) named Blaire obtains the ability to read minds from an ARCHON experiment, she finds her loyalty torn between both sides. Whether Blaire helps the enemy or defeats them depends upon your use of her power.

Try out the first chapter for free by downloading the demo. Or go ahead and get the full version!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for my new visual novel, “Quantum Conscience,” releasing in August!

The soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp:

I’ve also started a website for the game, though it’s a little skeletal at the moment:

Serafina’s Saga


If you want an epic romance story, try this :

An  overall an imaginative  story, really. Serafina is a long lost princess brought up in the jungle by a man who she thinks is her father.  But when he disappears, she sets out on a mission to save him, only to find a lot more than she suspected. The setting and the set-up for the story are appealing.

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Thank you so much for the lovely review! I had not considered Arken’s similarity to Van Hoenheim, but I probably did draw some subconscious inspiration from “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood”—I love that show.

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