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Serafina’s Saga


If you want an epic romance story, try this :

An  overall an imaginative  story, really. Serafina is a long lost princess brought up in the jungle by a man who she thinks is her father.  But when he disappears, she sets out on a mission to save him, only to find a lot more than she suspected. The setting and the set-up for the story are appealing.

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Thank you so much for the lovely review! I had not considered Arken’s similarity to Van Hoenheim, but I probably did draw some subconscious inspiration from “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood”—I love that show.

I had the pleasure of working on a cool game with a great team last weekend at the STL Game Jam! It’s called Metempsychosis, and I did the art as well as helped with the game design. You can try out the Game Jam version here: although you will find we still have a whole lot of work to do.

This animation is one of many for the main character, Setu, who journeys through the afterlife and changes form based on whether your decisions result in good or bad karma.

The Lost Scout

Today’s vignette offers a little of what’s to come in the novelization of “Serafina’s Saga.” I confess it’s a little awkward adapting my own script and drawings into novel format; usually, if I adapt any of my own work, I do so in the opposite order! But it’s kind of fun, also. So here’s a little scene from the animation, fleshed out for the novel. I hope you enjoy it.


Nikolaos expected to collapse into the grass at any given moment.

Yesterday, he had intended to scout only a brief distance—perhaps fifteen miles from camp. He planned to have plenty of time to return to base and sleep snugly in a tent with a belly full of warm stew. Camp rations were low, but at least at night he could usually expect a big slosh of watery soup full of scraps from the daily gathering. After adding a dash of chili powder, Nikolaos could almost imagine the stew delighting his senses with exotic spices. Then he would have sat next to a campfire and shared his scouting adventures with his fellow soldiers. He liked to narrate his wanderings in such a way that captured peoples’ interest and inspired them, rather than just reporting his work as a scout. Doing so made his own job seem more glamorous, and he rather enjoyed the attention. Finally he would return to his tent, throw off his grubby clothes, stretch his limbs over his blanket, and sleep like a baby.

That’s how he would have liked last night to play out. Instead, he had lost his way—a grave sin for a scout like himself.

Scouts should never get lost. They should be capable of distinguishing slight changes in the landscape, tracing every slope and plant into memory, so they could describe it in detail to their superiors or even draw out a map. Nikolaos should be able to guide his comrades into new terrain with confidence and reliability. More than that, he should be able to look beyond the superficial appearance of the landscape enough to assess its potential as a source of security, supplies, or strategic placement.

Not Nikolaos. Not yesterday.

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